1358 Indiana Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, USA

Mineral deposit removal
Construction Clean-up 
Exterior low rise:
  • ground level & Ladders
  • Mineral removal
  • perimeter
  • partition
  • high
  • low
Exterior high rise:
  • technical Rope
  • boat swain chair

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We have been cleaning windows in Utah since 1998.  A majority of our business is in downtown Salt Lake City. But we go as far North as Logan, South as far as Provo, East to Heber and West to Tooele. We specialize in commercial, office, retail big and small, industrial, hospitals and college and university campuses . We do groundwork up to 30 story buildings. We do not do residential.

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Exterior perimeter facade cleaning 
scheduled Maintenance​
Exterior High Rise Exterior Low Rise Interior

commercial Window cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning​